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Promise Rings For Couples Vintage

A promise ring is an excellent way to show your commitment and love for your partner. It can symbolize anything from a vow to stay faithful, reaching personal goals or simply being there for each other when it matters most.

When looking for the perfect ring, consider your partner’s preferences, their ring size and your budget. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for promise rings for couples vintage.

Vintage Style

While promise rings for couples have traditionally been seen as a precursor to engagement rings, they are also worn by couples who simply want to show their commitment and monogamy. A promise ring can also be used as a gift to celebrate a special moment or occasion in a relationship.

When choosing a vintage style promise ring, consider the metal color as well as the gemstone. A diamond is a classic choice because it symbolizes love, permanence and eternity. You can find classic ring designs like solitaires and halo styles that are ideal for promise rings, or you can choose something more unique like an engraved band or twisted metal design.

For a contemporary take on a vintage promise ring, consider a ring with milgrain detailing. This small detail adds a touch of sophistication to an already classic style. You could also pair a diamond with a sapphire for a timeless look that is perfect for any occasion.

Colored Gemstones

Diamond rings are a popular choice for promise rings, as they symbolize the eternal brilliance of true love. Couples can choose from a variety of diamond colors, including pink and blue, to match their personalities. They can also add a personal touch to their ring by choosing an engraving that represents the special connection between them.

Engravings can elevate the meaning of a promise ring, transforming it into a one-of-a-kind expression of commitment. They can include a date, meaningful phrase, or initials to create a personalized ring that is truly unique. They can even choose a ring with milgrain, which is a delicate and beautiful detail that enhances the overall aesthetic of the ring. The ring will become a cherished symbol of their unique commitment. These rings can be worn as a chastity ring, a purity ring, a pre-engagement ring, or to show commitment to a platonic relationship. They can also be given to a friend as a sign of friendship and loyalty.


A promise ring is an excellent way to show a partner how much you care. You can personalize the ring even more by inscribing a meaningful phrase on it. Whether it is your first date song, the location of where you met or an adorable nickname for each other, it will make your ring more special and unique to you.

Some couples get their ring engraved with a line from a romantic poem. Others choose to engrave a promise to themselves or a commitment to chastity until marriage.

Some couples also get their name engraved on the ring along with a heart symbol or an infinity sign. Other couples have their names engraved in the same script so that they match. This is a very romantic option, but it may not work well for everyone since handwriting can look messy or sloppy on the surface of the ring. However, some companies offer machine engraving on their rings, which is a more uniform option.


Since ancient times, gemstones have been coveted for their mystical properties and healing powers. They have also been worn as a sign of virility and love.

Adding gemstones to your promise ring can make it more personalized. Choose a piece that incorporates one of your partner’s birthstones or a gem representing a meaningful date in your relationship. Or, pair gemstones with diamonds to represent your eternal love.

Some couples prefer to opt for a natural or lab-grown gemstone over a traditional diamond due to humanitarian concerns surrounding blood or conflict diamonds and unethical mining practices. Gemstones may also be less expensive than diamonds of similar carat weight.

If your loved one has a sensitivity to certain metals, consider choosing a hypoallergenic promise ring made from a non-reactive metal like platinum or palladium. Gold rings often contain added metals such as nickel and copper that some people can be allergic to. Be sure to test the ring on your loved one’s skin before giving it to her.


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